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The Half Day Diet Review , Why should you own this manual?

The Half Day Diet Review


First things first.

The Half-Day Diet is a specially designed weight loss program that has been recently launched.

This program is the brain-child of nutrition and fitness author Nate Miyaki who also write fitness columns in magazines like the Live Strong etc.

If you have heard about this manual and are interested in losing your weight the you must read The Half Day Diet Review.

Reading this The Half Day Diet Review is a must as it is essential to know what the book has in store for you.

Also knowing if you really need the book is important. Investing in a book that you won’t read is not done.


Why the name – The Half Day Diet?


Coming to this e-manual on weight loss.

Must be wondering why the name The Half Day Diet?

Well, because that’s exactly, what you will be doing if you are following this program diet for

half the day and enjoy anything that you love in the second half of the day.

In other words the carbs that you will be consuming during one half of the day, will be burnt during the second half.

This program interestingly doesn’t restrain you from having a high carb diet,

but helps you with some tricks that actually makes your body believe that you are on a low carb diet and hence makes it burn the fat.

Interesting concept. Right?

What is this book all about?

This e-manual called The Half Day Diet comprises of 204 pages that guides you to lose weight without losing your mind.

What else can you ask for you can eat what you want in one half of the day and diet in the second half.

This manual, in reality, is a cross between a sports and Paleo diet, which has the best of both the diet plans.

The result, is definitely very effective.

The book is neatly divided into five sections and each section stresses on specific points.

Like first part tells you Miyaki’s story and builds a tempo for why you should invest in this book.

The second section makes you understand what it means to lose body fat and why its essential to fix up what you eat for a healthier life.

Coming to the section, let me tell you, this is the most important part of this book,

as it has the details that will help you choose the right food,

what to avoid and how to cheat your body to burn fat when you work out.

As you move on further to the penultimate part of the book,

you will come across charts that will help you count the calories that you consume.

Fifth part of the book, has the credentials of the author and his wife Kalai Diamond.


the half day diet review


Why should you own this manual?

This diet is a cross of two different types of diets  paleo and sports so the chances of this diet failing to get the desired result are rare.

Provides you with all the details right from food selection to how to have them.

Being a cross of sports diet, so exercise is an integral part of this weight loss program.

Supplementary pills are a strict no. Exercise is the key.

Has tailor made programs as per your personality.

Like the plan for a lazy person is different from that of an active one.

Cons of the manual:

This book is a little vague on exercising part.

It doesn’t tell you how to use the listed exercise to lose your weight.

Doesn’t include many recipes.

It is definitely completely Paleo-centric as the author claims.

The very idea of having high carb food in one half and diet in the second half is a deviation from Paleo diets.

E-book doesn’t really motivate you to the follow the diet.

However, you can’t deny the fact that the tricks offered in the book to trick your body, is definitely new and interesting.

The Half Day Diet Review – Alert

If you are investing in this book then make sure that you are not expecting it to do something miraculous.

It would be best if you can consider this e-manual as a directive or a guideline that needs to be followed only after

seeking your doctor’s advice on this program.

The most intriguing part of this book is that it represents a new form of diet program which can comes with a

60-day money back promise.


Half Day Diet Plan

the half day diet review
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